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A Conversation With Brandon Drew

Let me introduce you to Brandon Drew, a native Son of Pittsburgh, PA, now residing on our west coast. A few words to describe him are tenacious, passionate, focused and talented. He is a learner who teaches. Brandon marshals his energy and takes it “on the road” as he travels around the world, always with a purpose.

What is the Gig Economy

A Basic Primer: Taxation and the GIG ECONOMY

This is a BattlePlan Virtual digital content, research, informational, taxation primer.  First shared via Terri Bell and Associates, IN THE BLACK Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 7. Gig Economy Definition: A gig economy is a labor market that relies on temporary and part-time positions filled by independent contractors and entrepreneurial freelancers rather than full-time permanent employees.  Gig … Read more

How to Virtually Visit 4 CARIBBEAN Destinations

This is a BattlePlan Virtual digital content, research, copywriting, interview, travel writing HYBRID-access sample. Originally featured in The CARIBBEAN VILLAGE Insider CULTURE-ZINE. Let’s try something a little different with this post. The difference involves a “hybrid-access” model. The content is chock-full of information and interesting images. After reading, I believe you will come away feeling … Read more

HOW TO be Nimble in Business During Today’s VUCA Times

This is a BattlePlan Virtual  “current state of business” HOW TO  and discussion/explainer Why is it Important to be Nimble in Business and What is VUCA? Let’s start by explaining what the acronym VUCA means. Currently, VUCA refers to 4 simultaneously existing conditions affecting the operation of your, or any, business. These conditions are:  Volatility, … Read more

A Comparison of Peer-to-Peer Payment Apps

This is a BattlePlan Virtual  finance content marketing “Explainer with Comparison” and related information sample. First shared via Terri Bell and Associates, IN THE BLACK – a financial services Newsletter.  Peer-to-Peer Payment Apps | A Comparison First let’s define peer-to-peer payments [P2P], then compare 3 of the most popular peer-to-peer payment applications or “apps”, and … Read more

US Virgin Islands

Domestically International | An Interview with Cheryl Joseph

This is an informative interview about the United States Virgin Islands with Cheryl Joseph, a delightful Educator. I believe you will come away from this interview feeling as though you have visited or re-visited the U.S.V.I., while also, perhaps, having learned some little known or unsung or undiscovered information.

digital globe showing idea of web3

How to Understand WEB3 –  Defining NFTs and Fiat Currency

This is part two of a two part series. Part two offers related currency and token definitions and how this bundles into the future – the next big thing. Part one discussed the chronology. Both articles are designed to present, in simplified terms, an examination of the evolution of the internet from 1990 – present day.