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Caribbean Village

Originally from Antigua and Barbuda in the West Indies, Kahila Miller  is no stranger to entrepreneurship. Her business ventures started at the age of 12 while selling items as a child. While living in Brooklyn, NY, she says she was the first vendor to sell roasted corn. Considering herself a chef by trade, upon relocating to Pittsburgh she operated a food booth at the Farmers Market in Homewood, PA before relocating to a storefront in Homestead, PA in 1993 called, Take it Easy with Love.

Known for her Caribbean cooking, Kahila Miller is now sharing her culture in a broader fashion.
Since December 2017 Kahila Miller has been showcasing and selling items representative of her native Antigua and other Caribbean countries in the Monroeville Mall via her kiosk which has since grown, flourished and translated to her current CARIBBEAN VILLAGE retail and health & wellness studio. She now incorporates health and wellness through the teas and spices offered for retail sale.

 “The Village” is the place to go for the culturally-conscious consumer and for Caribbean culture enthusiasts.

CARIBBEAN VILLAGE carries clothing, flags from most Caribbean countries, artifacts, novelties, Bob Marley items, spices, teas and incense. “Think of it as if you visited a Caribbean Island and you were unable to get or forgot a souvenir—we are here for everything you left behind,” describes Miller. 

As Kahila has often stated, “Caribbean people are NOT a monolith.  …We are similar but not the same”.

Ms. Miller articulates her goal to showcase the whole of the Caribbean, not just a few often visited locations. The objective of the CULTURE-ZINE publication is to show the interconnectedness yet the uniqueness of each Caribbean island or country in terms of nationality, the people, locale, customs, political systems, history and more.

“The VILLAGE” began to “push this idea” in a more targeted manner with the introduction of FESTIVAL GASTRO CARIBE in 2018, using Kahila’s strength as a chef and entrepreneur, as well as, and her connections and team to make it happen. 

Always moving, creating and building, Ms. Miller is currently preparing to open a take-out specialty restaurant called CARIBBEAN VILLAGE FUSION in Oakland near the University of Pittsburgh’s [PITT] campus, at 3507 Cable Place, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213.


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Kahila Miller