About Keywanda Battle

Being a highly motivated solopreneur / independent contractor with 20+ years of corporate and independent contracting experience, BattlePlan Virtual is interested and excited to partner with you. Much of my ‘life’s work’ was performed at a high level [Management] in the travel industry [Airline]. After an early retirement from the travel industry, my next steps launched BattlePlan Virtual llc, first as a SMLLC specializing in virtual customer service, quality assurance and performance enhancement. The second step involved growth and evolution to the current consultancy operating five business lines. The skills, expertise and experience acquired during my journey are now contracted to companies with whom a mutually beneficial relationship can be shared.

If you need help in any of the five areas noted below, let’s have a conversation to determine if what we offer meets your needs. Again, we are excited to HELP and PARTNER with YOU!

BattlePlan Virtual Services

BattlePlan Virtual is a fully registered, legally incorporated, US based, multi-faceted consulting company operating five lines of business. Business lines include:  

  • Digital Content Marketing, Creation and Copywriting [Content SEO]
  • Small Business Consulting
  • Travel Management
  • Event Planning
  • Administrative Support Services

We offer:

  • Virtuosity in customer service, care and collaboration
  • Consummate Professionalism
  • Trustworthiness [Bonded]
  • Top notch Virtual Assistance with “laser-like focus” on client needs.
  • We also specialize in Complaint Letters that GO BOOM!!, and GET RESULTS!!
Keywanda Battle

Are you looking to broaden and improve your internet presence, increase website traffic or improve your search engine position so that you can get MORE business?