How We Can Help

BattlePlan Virtual is a fully registered, legally incorporated, US based, multi-faceted consulting company operating five lines of business.


BattlePlan Virtual can:


  • Raise awareness about your business
  • Establish trust and authority in your business
  • Generate leads to your business and,
  • Increase customer retention

And, we do it with compelling, persuasive content that meets your business objectives.

2] Help you identify and understand your business’ challenges and pain points. We listen to you, we hear you and we help define strategies to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

3] Help you with corporate, institutional and personal travel planning and execution. Our focus is on the end-to-end customer experience, acting in equal parts as concierge, and advisor. We sort through the details, filter the options and offer the BEST recommendations for a well-tended journey.

4] Help you with the planning/administration, detail management and successful execution of Events.

5] Help you by providing administrative support services and partnership for a variety of scenarios.