Month: October 2022

HOW TO be Nimble in Business During Today’s VUCA Times

This is a BattlePlan Virtual  “current state of business” HOW TO  and discussion/explainer Why is it Important to be Nimble in Business and What is VUCA? Let’s start by explaining what the acronym VUCA means. Currently, VUCA refers to 4 simultaneously existing conditions affecting the operation of your, or any, business. These conditions are:  Volatility, … Read more

A Comparison of Peer-to-Peer Payment Apps

This is a BattlePlan Virtual  finance content marketing “Explainer with Comparison” and related information sample. First shared via Terri Bell and Associates, IN THE BLACK – a financial services Newsletter.  Peer-to-Peer Payment Apps | A Comparison First let’s define peer-to-peer payments [P2P], then compare 3 of the most popular peer-to-peer payment applications or “apps”, and … Read more