Battle Travel Management

“Keywanda has always been dedicated to excellent customer services. You can trust that she is committed to making your travel experience a most memorable experience.”

Mary Hanns
Health and Life Insurance Sales

BTM Offers

Corporate, institutional and personal travel planning and execution, specializing in:  

  1. Comprehensive Educational Travel packages
  2. Business and Leisure Travel
  3. Event Planning
  4. All Inclusive accommodations worldwide
  5. Alternative accommodations worldwide [including hostels and homeshare [i.e.: HomeAway, Airbnb]

BTM’s focus is on the end-to-end customer experience…

BTM’s focus is on the end-to-end customer experience, acting in equal parts as concierge, advisor and confidant for each client. With the rise of worldwide mobile connectivity, the difference between an agent and a trusted travel advisor is magnified. For example, today, travelers can easily text or call their trusted advisor to address a problem mid-trip.

[Due to security concerns, BTM will not use social media to connect while customer is traveling, but will TEXT.]

The sheer number of travel and review websites, often make travel planning a daunting and frustrating experience for many consumers [for example: seniors, infrequent travelers, families, large groups of 25+].  Sifting, sorting through details takes TIME, which we seem to have least of these days. BTM will help you filter through the options and will offer the BEST recommendations.

Remember,  “The Devil is in the Details”!!!

Remember,  “The Devil is in the Details”!!! When traveling, a “bad” detail can “break a trip” if you are faint of heart… or… if you are from heartier stock –  a bad detail, at the very least, will aggravate you to the point of distraction…THIS is where BTM enters your equation, by offering a  less stressful planning experience and a well-executed travel experience.

There is a reasonable fee charged, which varies, based on your selected BTM services. The fee is in addition to the airline ticket price and can be paid as follows:

1.     charged as separate fee to the same card you use to purchase your ticket or

2.     charged to a different card than the one used to purchase your ticket or

3.     via personal check by US Mail, if this is more convenient

The BTM service fee includes:

  • Flight and fare selection and confirmation
  • All airline schedule change processing, confirmation and updates to you
  • Seat assignment processing with your preferences always in mind
  • Assistance with your travel based needs before travel, as well as, certain needs during your trip and after travel

If you choose to book flights through BTM just let me know via call or email when you are ready to book.  I will call you to have a brief conversation to determine your specific needs.  Travel mode and accommodation pricing are not guaranteed until ticket is purchased and reservation is confirmed.

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