Content Marketing

What is CONTENT?
Content is the fundamental building block of the internet. It’s what you read, see, hear and experience online.

What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is the creation and promotion of text, video, audio and image based content that furthers business goals.

Who is the Content Marketer?
At BattlePlan Virtual, the content marketer is a MARKETER whose vehicle is WRITING to produce compelling, persuasive content that educates, inspires, entertains and, most importantly, meets the client’s business objectives.

What We Offer

BattlePlan Virtual can help you introduce or grow your business with results driven digital content marketing. We will produce content to seamlessly lead your customers through the journey from research to purchase to retention. We build content to:

  • Raise awareness about your business
  • Establish trust and authority in your business
  • Generate leads to your business and,
  • Increase customer retention

And, we do it with compelling, persuasive content that meets your business objectives.

Client Review

“I’ve just hired Keywanda for an additional role as my Content Marketer. Based on her prior diligent work I am really excited to launch our planned blog and newsletter campaign. I am reviewing the newsletter draft now and I LOVE it!! Thanks Keywanda!!”

Kahila Miller
FOUNDER and Owner of
Monroeville Mall
Monroeville, PA

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